Minconsult provides a wide range of services to mining companies exploring throughout Canada,
US and Latin America. Services may be provided individually or as turnkey exploration programs
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    Turnkey Grassroots Exploration Programs
    Minconsult Exploration Services Ltd  provides its clients with all resources necessary to design, manage and execute their
    regional or property scale exploration programs. From tenure acquisition through exploration drilling, we have  the people,
    equipment and experience to deliver turnkey, cost efficient, effective and expedient exploration program solutions.
    Project Management

    Minconsult has been retained by many mining companies to design and implement exploration projects over the past 29 years.
    Our project managers are skilled at working with the clients' management team and resources to streamline exploration activity.
    Project Management has included data compilation, tenure acquisition, logistics, surface exploration, road construction,dill
    management, geological, geochemical and geophysical survey, community / first nation liaison and reclamation.

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XRF Field Analysis
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