Remote Camp Services

Specialized Exploration Camps for Diverse Needs

Minconsult specializes in providing top-notch camp services for mining exploration programs, accommodating groups ranging from 20 to 50 individuals. Our expertise lies in constructing portable and flyable all-weather exploration camps that stand up to the challenges of the most remote locations across Canada, from the rugged terrains of Newfoundland to the isolated expanses of Banks Island in the Northwest Territories.

Expert Camp Planning and Construction

We offer comprehensive services in the planning, cost-comparison, mobilization, and construction of remote camps. Our team expertly handles every detail, ensuring that your camp is not only functional but also cost-effective and efficiently mobilized.

  • Remote Drill Pad Specialists
  • Zero Incident Safety Record
  • Adaptable to Diverse Terrains
  • 10,000+ Successful Setups
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Tailored Camp Sizes for Various Stages
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Our camps are designed to cater to a range of exploration stages, from portable early-stage grassroots programs to large-scale drilling, sampling, and geophysical work. This versatility ensures that whatever the scope of your project, we have the right camp solution for you.

Experience Counts! Prioritizing Safety at Every Step

Each camp is outfitted with all necessary amenities to provide a comfortable and efficient working environment. This includes complete kitchens, shower tents, offices, sleepers, and core logging tents, ensuring every need is met even in the most remote settings.

diamond drill pad BC

At Minconsult, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, adaptable, and reliable camp services, making us a trusted partner in supporting your mining exploration endeavors, no matter how remote or challenging the location.