Specialty Construction

Mastering the Art of Remote and Challenging Builds

At Minconsult Services Ltd., we are not just builders; we are pioneers in specialty construction for the most remote and technically challenging locations across northern and western Canada. Our expertise shines in creating robust, timber-framed drill pads and helipads, designed to withstand the rigors of the harshest environments.

The Best Drill Pads in the Industry

Our track record speaks for itself. In 2019 alone, our dedicated professional crews clocked over 24,000 hours constructing drill pads with a remarkable zero lost time incidents. This achievement underlines our commitment to safety and efficiency, hallmarks that have positioned us at the vanguard of pad design and safe work practices.

  • Remote Drill Pad Specialists
  • Zero Incident Safety Record
  • Adaptable to Diverse Terrains
  • 10,000+ Successful Setups
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Conquering Complex Terrain with Expertise
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We thrive where others might hesitate. Be it steep terrain, inter-tidal zones, environmentally sensitive sites, or areas demanding precise blasting techniques – our experience spans it all. We've successfully completed over 10,000 set-ups, each a testament to our no-failure promise. Our crews, a blend of experience and professionalism, are the backbone of our operations. They come equipped with not just the tools, but the skills and resolve to execute every project flawlessly and punctually.

Experience Counts! Prioritizing Safety at Every Step

Precision is key in our work. Every drill pad we construct adheres strictly to engineered designs, with flexibility to make necessary adjustments to deck dimensions as dictated by project specifics. Our approach is comprehensive – from equipping our crews with the latest tools and technology to innovating in how we transport our equipment. Our custom-designed enclosed tool baskets, complete with side gates, ensure that every piece of equipment reaches its destination safely and securely, just like our team.

diamond drill pad BC

At Minconsult Services Ltd., we do more than build – we deliver enduring value, setting new standards in specialty construction, one project at a time.