Site Clearing, Line Cutting & Tree Falling

Efficient Site Preparation for Remote Projects

At Minconsult North, we understand the crucial role of efficient site preparation in remote exploration projects. Our dedicated services in line cutting, tree falling, and site clearing are tailored to meet the unique demands of these challenging environments.

Expert Team for Precision Clearing
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Equipped with a team of highly experienced and professional fallers, along with skilled support staff, we possess the comprehensive skill set necessary to manage risks and execute tasks with remarkable efficiency. Our expertise extends to a wide range of site preparation activities, including mineral exploration site clearing, right-of-way clearing, fire fighting, and production falling.

  • Remote Drill Pad Specialists
  • Zero Incident Safety Record
  • Adaptable to Diverse Terrains
  • 10,000+ Successful Setups
Comprehensive Training for Industry Best Practices

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, which is why our staff undergoes a thorough competency program. This ensures that they are not only well-trained but also current with the industry's best practices, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of safety and effectiveness in all our operations.

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Sustainable Practices in Site Clearing

In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, our approach to tree falling and site clearing is conscientious and sustainable. We practice selective cutting to minimize the ecological impact of our activities. Furthermore, we strive to reprocess and preserve any commercially viable wood. In cases where reprocessing is not possible, we ensure that the sites are reclaimed responsibly, promoting ecological regeneration and sustainability.

At Minconsult North, every cut we make is a blend of precision and responsibility, reflecting our deep respect for the environment we work in and our commitment to the success of your project.